Sunday, September 4, 2011

Question: Tunneling?

Way back in the day, I used to get acrylic overlays on my nails. I stopped after a short time because I hated the damage to my natural nails, but during this time frame I noticed that as my nails grew longer, they curled at the edges of the tips, eventually pulling away from the acrylic. My tech called it "tunneling."

Thing is, my nails still do it, and I'm wondering why. I attempted to get a photo of it tonight, although I'm not sure if it is adequate. Left thumb:

The nail itself is this length:

I wonder if there's something I can do to prevent this. It isn't unsightly, not yet, but if I don't trim soon I'm really going to notice it, and not just on the thumb. I'm not sure if you can see it starting on the rest of my nails:

Maybe there's a sort of event horizon with nails. A maximum attractive length, something. I know my nails will grow longer than this, but I'm at my PERSONAL max in terms of usability -- I'm constantly having to be careful with things, because about now is when they get a lot more fragile. (Mad-Eye Moody Moment(tm): Constant vigilance!) But it isn't only the fragility issue here -- it's also this curling thing I got going. I esp. notice it on thumbs, of course, and on both middle fingers. But it's starting on all of them, just not as noticeable yet.

Any thoughts?

(Polish is 2 coats of Nfu Oh 52 over a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Black Heart. Poshe on top. Sorry the photos are crap. But oh wow, is this polish purty.)


  1. hmmm ... do you mean the c-curve? Most nails have a c-curve, some are more prevalent than others ... it all depends on the nail bed. I don't think there is much we can do to change our natural c-curve other than adjusting how moisturized are nails are. When my nails get wet, they get fat looking because the c-curve relaxes a bit (becomes more flat).

    Nfu Oh 52 is so attractive. I want to take it out to dinner.

  2. I've noticed the same thing on my nails, the tendency of the curve to get more pronounced and on a couple deforming the 'C'. Only solution I've found is shortening them a bit.

  3. Hiya! New follower here. My nails do the same thing. I've noticed that they tend to curve more or less depending on a few things. 1 is cuticle removal. If I'm very gentle along the sides of my nail when I use my remover, the curving is less. If I attack those puppies like I should since my cuticles are the cuticle equivalent of fort freaking knox, then they curve more. Especially on my thumbnails. They also curved alot less when I didn't moisturize like my hands had been on fire. Go figure. Strange thing is that before I got into nail polish and nail care, they NEVER curved like that. Seriously, WTF? I keep waiting for Loodie to find a solution. If anyone can find it, it's her. ;)

    Great blog, BTW. Love eet!