Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still not dead!

Hello, you. Still grinnin' here in nasty dry West Texas. How are you?

I took a short vacay from blogging and Cityville, but I have returned here before Cityville, I'll have you know, so there. I'm fresh off an entire WEEK with the same mani. ::dizzy spell:: Yes! But it was a week with my BFF I'm Not Really a Waitress, which makes it all right. Best Red on the Planet.

Tonight I'm wearing a new color for me -- OPI Brisbane Bronze, another from my gift pack from a few weeks ago -- no pics yet, but my my, she is comely indeed. I'll show you soon as the sun comes back up.

Also am edging back into Dragon Lady territory, and I likes it, precious, I does. The longer nails get the more I love dark, Mata Hari-ish colors. Sup with that? I dunno, but I do.

Then I went and dinged up my middle right finger. Sorry, Brisbane! I might visit you next year and I'll make it up to you then, I promise, 'kay? 'Kay.

Meanwhile, Texas is still the Inner Pit of Hell, work is still cooking AND eating my lunch, and in other breaking news: Sun rises in the east.

I hope to return soon with photos and a resumption of my interrupted blogging schedule. Until then, be shiny.

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