Monday, August 8, 2011

Piggy piggy piggy

I may have pics from yesterday's incredibly brief mani sometime, but since it was really INCREDIBLY brief, right now I won't bother. (Nfu Oh, and the stink was so bad I nearly yarked, SO. Bye-bye. To be fair, I was already feeling fairly ill when I applied it, sort of exacerbated the problem, but I think I'll take an Nfu Oh break for a few days nevertheless.)

Today, however, is the first official day off of my vacation, and I have a slightly less stinky OPI for y'all. Part of my gift set: And This Little Piggy.... Which is sparkly and girly and very much fun!

Substandard iPhone photos, due to my laziness, sorry.

This seems like a very good everyday polish to me -- nothing outrageous, but still sparkly and pretty. Then again, I'm on vacay, so I can wear whatever the hell I want this week, so there.

Full sun pics are a bit blurry, but that shows the sparkly well, I think.

I have a special pink I've been saving for Wednesday, so not quite yet. Have another non-pink (!!) for tomorrow.

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