Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Okay, you know how you feel when you're at work/home/someplace not the post office, and you're waiting to go pick up a package? And that package has SUCH UNIMAGINABLE PRETTY IN IT that waiting is somewhat akin to hanging by one's thumbnails from the ceiling? Or, at the very least, the worst clock-watching afternoon ever?

That was my day. Compounded by Week-Before-Vacation Fever. It's not that I'm GOING anywhere, or doing anything in particular. It's just that I won't be at WORK, right?

Staring. At. The clock. All. Day.


I was getting this:

OK OK, crappy iPhone photo, but -- more Nfu Ohs. ::shrieks some more:: I got 52, 56 and 63. Oh, I am so out of control, and it's GREAT.

So I shall have a PINK for tomorrow, finally (erm, I never did change out of the 51 -- I'm still wearing it, plus a third coat and another top coat, and it hasn't even chipped. Tiny bit of tip wear, that's all).

But not until tomorrow. Until then, here is a photo of Bei Bei the Wonder Kitten, at ease in his recliner. I think he needs a martini and a smoking jacket, myself.

Now to see if I can chip these five pounds of purple polish off my nails. MAN, I love these polishes.

ETA: I have been horribly remiss. Bei Bei is not my only cat. In fact he is my more recent cat. This is Mei "There Can Be Only One" Mei, who did come first. Tucked under her feather blanket, as befits a princess. Or an Immortal.

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  1. okay yes I know this feeling, but mine was in relation to really wanting to take off my polish because my thumb nail was jacked. The waiting game is torturous. I couldn't wait to get home.

    Boobie bottles are hot!