Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink! How I have missed thee!

The good, and the bad:

Good: I have pink polish on, for Pink Wednesday!

Bad: It's only Wednesday.

Good: I have very, very cool new polish!

Bad: I have very, very cool new polish that sucked canal water to apply.

Good: It's Wednesday! Two more days to vacay!

Bad: It's Wednesday. Two more damn days to vacay.

Nfu Oh #61 is simultaneously the most amazing and most aggravating polish currently available on the planet. I feel confident in that assessment. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

Shit is NASTY to apply. I just barely kept myself from heaving the damn bottle against the wall -- mostly b/c of the high price tag -- and did finally get it ON there, although my neatest job, she is not. I wound up with two coats, then top coat, then a third coat. Smooth enough, I guess. And honestly, looking at it, I initially thought, Meh. It's... harmless.

Then I saw it in the sun this morning, and my brain melted.

Oh, wait, that's every day in this heat. But no really. I need a gif of a Warner Bros character doing the CLANG/jaw drop thing. It's sensational in sunlight. Dayum.

I have only crappy iPhone photos, but they'll suffice.

It looks incredible in sunlight, and under some incandescent bulbs, but looked very meh under fluorescents at work. Still -- my first holo, and I really am impressed.

And to be honest, my nails have grown enough to satisfy me a bit better. Can't type worth a damn, but that's why I'm a supervisor now: Don't have to type for a living. HAH.

I also have the 52 and 56 coming up, so stay tuned. Major Nfu Oh-gasm coming this weekend.

::rim shot::

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  1. I think I'm going to have to get some of this polish...