Thursday, June 16, 2011

8% humidity will really get you down.

Did a mani and took it off again. My hands are dreadful. Along with 106-degree temps we have -- currently -- 8% humidity here, and I can't put enough moisture on my hands. There IS no "enough."

So I worked on my cuticles a bit and then bathed my hands in shea butter. Naked nail alert:

I bought the shea on Etsy, Soothing Suds Handmade Soap. Unscented, and by Jove it works.

One thing I really had to learn is that it isn't enough to have pretty nails. I grow pretty nails, have done so all my life. But I've been horrible to my cuticles since I was a kid, never outgrew it. The polish is the fun part. The caring for my cuticles and hands, well, that's medicinal as much as anything. Believe it or not, this is vastly improved over earlier this evening:

In any case! Back to polish tomorrow. In the meantime, LFMF, I suppose. Baby those cuticles!

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