Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh, TGIF in a biiig way.

End of the week hasn't been so kind to me -- fighting off some sort of generic virus at the same time that I found out I'd cracked a tooth and have to get a root canal next Wednesday. No new manis until this weekend.

But I did take a couple of faltering first steps with my stamping. Holy cow, only one out of five fingers even remotely resembled something presentable, and that was marginal. I'm not sure if it is the heat or the dryness (I suspect the latter, because, I mean, I do have AC), but several times even when I worked as fast as I could, the polish was dry on the plate before I could get the stamper over to pick up the image. Also, the plates I chose are probably not the best beginner plates. The designs are REALLY small and delicate, and I'm pretty hamfisted still, so meh.

However, I love the idea of it, and the one stamp that did transfer decently was so freaking cool, so I'll keep at it. Probably order some different plates (yay for payday). I am looking at some MASH plates on Amazon that have bigger designs and are slightly cheaper.

I figure I'll just need to practice quite a bit before it looks good. I'm glad I've seen other bloggers talking about having trouble at first; it makes me feel a little less inept. *g*

Well, it is 11:10pm and 97 degrees still outside. I was unaware of a transcontinental relocation to the Gobi; why was I not informed? Heads will roll.

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