Saturday, June 25, 2011


I sure have spent a lot of time reading nail blogs tonight. *g*

I thought I'd put a note on here, for the heck of it, with an actual product recommendation. I've been so busy exploring and trying new things that I haven't spent much time thinking about what I'd recommend to others, what have you, but I LOVE one product and heck, why not mention it.

When I started back giving a flying fart about my nails again, I grabbed an old bottle of clear base/top coat and went about using it. Worked -- meh, all right. It was elderly but still functional.

But my finishes were crap, and I was spending a lot of time buffing my nails because they had a bad case of the peelies. Sort of mangy after I removed polish. Quite frustrating.

I was watching a video on manicures on Youtube and saw a mention of Nail Tek Foundation II. Especially, the woman added, for nails that tend to the peelies.

Ordered some, used it -- bam. No more peelies. I so rarely need to buff my nails now, compared to before, it's crazy. It seems like a combination ridge filler and -- I don't even know, something positive, though, because it solved the finish problem, and the peelie problem.

(The top coat this person recommended was Seche Vite, new to me at the time, but after using both SV and Poshe, I'm going to finally weigh in preferring Poshe, at least so far. SV is just so gorram thick. I'm to the point where I can't deal. So. Not very scientific-method or anything, but there you go.)

But! The Nail Tek base coat is amazing. I haven't even been curious about anything else, I've been so happy with it.

So what am I missing out on, with my singlemindedness? Base coat? Top coat? I'm a tabula almost-rasa here; I'll try it all.

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