Monday, June 20, 2011


No new mani tonight -- I have a supervisors' meeting tomorrow and Waitress is my baby. Tomorrow night, hopefully a trim. I'm getting a little clawlike, and I'm scared I'll break one on something.

So -- Nail shapes. I so rarely see nails as oval as my own. It didn't take long to see that this nail shape...she ain't so fashionable, evidently. I saw someone yesterday saying that "older women" appeared to prefer oval nails. It made me criiiiiiinge. OKAY OKAY, no, I'm not as garden fresh as I once was, but -- OLDER. ::criiinges more::

My nails really don't square. Not easily, at least, and it takes upkeep. I barely file them to keep a nice oval shape, but square is a lot of work. And -- I may possibly be exaggerating the impact here, but I think oval makes my fingers look longer. If I didn't have rather small hands and one permanently swollen with lymphedema, I might not need any assistance, but honestly, my left hand needs all the help it can get.

But. I COULD try clipping my nails tomorrow to a square/squoval shape. Try it out for a bit. I really do like the look.

I don't knooooooooow. Grrargh.

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