Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh lordy, TGIF.

Today was so long I swear on the video of my life the subtitle for my day would be "AKA, The Never-Ending Day."

I did a very sloppy glitter-mani before work, and -- well. It's very sloppy. As are my pics, taken at the local health-food-and-organic-eatery while waiting for sandwiches to be made. (Two clubs and an avocado-and-cheese on sprouted bread -- nom nom.)

Glitter may be a stone bitch to take off, but it's so forgiving when I'm in a hurry, and it's so very pretty in the sun.

I have a plan to eventually make it Freaky Friday every week, and try a color I wouldn't normally wear, or something I've been too conservative to try. So I'll try later on to do something like that, but it might be next week before that happens.

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