Monday, June 27, 2011

Nail freakout!

OK. I'm trying not to hyperventilate here. This is really ridiculous, but.

I squared my eternally-oval nails.

And they look HORRIBLE.

I hate the right hand more than the left -- ugh, the right looks SO BAD. I think it's because I was pretty oval, and I don't have square corners. It's rounded and then flat on top, like I BROKE them or something.

Oh good grief.

OMG, what do I DO?? I bet if they grow a little they'll look better; I can clip down to where there's no oval shaping left, and then it'll look less -- CRAPPY OMG.

I want to hide and cry. And they feel weird when I type. My right index finger looks AWFUL. How can I fix this??


  1. They look good! You're just not used to squoval.


    I think they look exactly right for squoval. but it's tough to adjust to a new shape.

  2. Aha they're FINE. You're just not used to them.

    To be honest, I clicked your link and thought I had gone to some other "demonstration of nail perfectness" site. Because you've changed your layout, and everything. And thought - ah, this must have been what Em was aiming at, only it went wrong somehow so she's not showing. BUT IT WAS YOU. SO THERE.

  3. They look good! I think the shape just takes a little time to get used to.

  4. @ zoemathemata & alex - I do think that's it. I'm sort of shocked/embarrassed at how much it freaked me out, but all I could think when I first looked at them was that I'd have to go back to nubs to fix it. *g* But I did a fresh mani last night and today I think they look -- pretty decent. Still adjusting, but yeah. THANK YOU.

    @ gretazreta -- LOL! I do think part of the problem too was the raw state of the manicure. I clipped and filed and never fixed the edges, so it looked, erm. Not so good. With a fresh mani it's looking considerably better. Enough that I'm not having another embarrassing freakout. Yet. *g*