Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ahhh ha ha ha kittens.

Life with a kitten. Third coat of a very, very sheer albeit pretty new polish, and SURPRISE! lap kitten.

Hence, let us all (two of us) understand that's yes, a big honking booboo on two different nails, and since there ARE only two of us, we'll pretend there isn't. OK? Cool.

Tonight's very sheer but very pretty polish is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Sturdy Sapphire.

I am not sure what it means when a sapphire is sturdy. Doesn't melt in water? Will cut glass? Somewhere in between the two, I'd imagine.

I tend to shy away from more adventurous colors, so I'm attempting to break out of the monotony and broaden my nail horizons. This polish really does help. In spite of having to do three coats. It's really a very nice shade of cool blue, perfect for these hotter-than-the-hinges-of-Hell West Texas days we're having.

I hit a sale at Walgreen's and picked up several off-the-beaten-color-path polishes tonight. Also two sets of "nail art" polishes -- skinny brushes with various colors. Last night I tried two approaches to a gradient look, but for some reason they were unphotographable (their looks were laughable! actually no, they were interesting, sorta). I had on the pink glitter polish still, so I went lighter with the gradients -- it came out rather as if it had snowed on the tips of my fingers. Meh, we'll see, I'm just getting started here. *g*

Now I think I may go watch "How to Train Your Dragon" again. I thought about doing a black mani with light green eyes on two fingertips, in Toothless's honor. We'll see....


  1. Ohhh, I love that blue. I'ma have to track it down. Love!

  2. It's very, very pretty -- faded denim with some shimmer. Mmm!