Thursday, June 16, 2011


I looooooooove fingernail polish. And I talk a great deal about it recently, so rather than bore folks who really didn't sign on for this, I decided to move it to a nail-centric kinda blog.

But first I have to confess. For years now I haven't really cared much about my nails. I pretty much let them grow, whatever, and when they got in the way I cut them off. Tra la, at least my typing improved.

And oh man, ripped my cuticles to shreds. There are no words. There was, however, occasionally blood. Yeah. Ouch.

So about six weeks? ago, I decided to polish my nails in an attempt to shame myself into leaving my cuticles alone to heal. And it worked! But....

Now I'm hopelessly (re)addicted to nail polish. Catching up with products that weren't around the last time I cared for my nails (that was back in the mid-90s). All around just kind of, well, enjoying the hell out of it.

So I'm playing with pretty colors, experimenting with colors I always shied away from, and hoping to learn some new styles/techniques/tricks. Also trying to get the hang of photographing my own fingernails -- not the easiest of things, I'm discovering. No fancy equipment, just a digital camera.

Warning: Naked nail alert/crappy iPhone photo alert:

This is pretty much where I started. Nails are fine; cuticles, not so much.

So I have pure shea oil for my poor fingers, and far, FAR too many bottles of polish already purchased. (And yet -- never enough!)

Next introductory post: some polishes I've tried lately.

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