Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trim time. And pink!

Woo, feels funny typing -- I trimmed my nails about halfway, since they were kinda getting to the length I was starting to worry about breaking. Feels like I lost a full knuckle somewhere, you know? ::types with stubby fingers::

Tonight's mani is for tomorrow's pink Wednesday. I'm not signed up for it, but I'll take any excuse to haul out pink polish.

Essie Miami Nice in the sun.

Somehow that glassy Seche Vite shine doesn't show up tonight. I think I dulled it with cream for my crispy cuticles. Ugh.

I adore this color. So pretty.

My left hand is my "Kirk hand." I had lymph node surgery about 18 months ago, and the worst of the edema is gone, but by no means all of it. It's my Kirk hand thanks to the Star Trek reboot, and Kirk's monster hands when he had the allergic reaction. Hee.

I suppose this makes my right hand my Spock hand. Next time I'll make the live long and prosper hand for you. I know you can't wait.



  1. They're still a very pretty shape, even shorter. I love that color--on you! I can't wear it, so you should, because it looks good on you.

  2. I love this polish, so pretty on you :)

    You should join pink Wednesdays! I stalk the website every Wednesday and read everyone's posts haha. We might even let you sit with us ;)

  3. @ arliss -- I almost squared them, and chickened out. I'm starting to suspect the obstacle between myself and squoval nails isn't my nails. *g* *hugs*

    @ Kirsten -- Thank you! I was saying elsewhere recently that I never saw Mean Girls so didn't understand the context -- but I love me some pink anytime, so I was all for it. *g* I'll try to get signed up and make it all official-like. :-D