Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gray or blue? You decide.

Tonight's mani is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 350 Gray By Gray. It teeters between slate blue and slate gray, depending on the light, but to my eye it's closer to slate blue.

My photos are especially blurry tonight, sorry about that. But what a fascinating color. I strongly prefer slatey blues, by and large, and this one leapt out at me while I was waiting for prescriptions after my dental visit yesterday. Admittedly I was on Ativan, so not entirely of sound mind OR body, but anyway! I was all GIMME when I saw it.

I didn't manage any particularly good sunlight photos, but here's one sans much of a reflective bit.

And blur city --

And one up against faded blue jeans, to bring out the blue.

Fab color, I think. The brush shape was sorta weird, oval-ish, but the application was nice. Two coats, topped with Poshe.

Was asked by three different people today if my nails were real. Good grief. They don't even have any length on them yet!



  1. I love the blue--and it's definitely more blue than gray.

  2. It's a really pretty polish on -- I'm very pleased! But I'm really wondering why they call it gray. *g*