Sunday, July 24, 2011

Booboo in pink.

The past week has been MOLTO difficile, and I strongly recommend against ever acquiring a kidney stone. Last Sunday and Monday -- well, let's just say that this revised pain chart accurately depicts it, as in TOO SERIOUS FOR NUMBERS.

And then taking all gorram week to feel remotely human again. I don't even know. The upshot of which, nail-wise, is cuticles ripped to shreds. I am sparing you the bulk of the horror. One picture only, and the worst booboo is kindly blacked out.

The polish, however, is so much fun! Another of my gift OPIs, Ladies and Magenta-men. LOOOOOOOOOOVE.

I get my stent removed tomorrow, and I hope that this marks the end of this decidedly unpleasant episode. Then to attempt to heal the nail damage and forge ahead. Ugh.

Drinks LOTS OF WATER, folks! Water is your bestest, bestest BFF!

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