Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Okay, this is not pink.

Although it is Pink Wednesday. BUT! I went back to work yesterday, which was VERY much a Monday for me. Which makes today functionally my Tuesday. Which means! Tomorrow is Pink Wednesday, not today! \o/

Yes, I know you saw what I did there.

The REASON today is not Pink Wednesday is -- impatience. I got my bottle of Nfu Oh 51 the other day and I could not wait any longer to try it.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh la la, yes, now I see why so many people freak over this line of polish, and this color too. I did not know enough about it to layer it, and so it is a bit sheer and unevenly applied, but OH.

I do now think it would be even more spectacular layered over a dark complementary polish -- I think I'll try it over Russian Navy and see what happens. But oh, it is gorgeous. The flakies are SO PRETTY. Gahhhh.

(I've, erm, blanked out the booboo for your eyes' safety. Lightning bolt in honor of Harry Potter.)

In a very blurry photo suddenly showing me how desperately my carpet needs vacuuming, here is a candid shot of Bei Bei the Tailless Wonder Kitten, complete with Mini-Me Toy. Light of my life, and bane of the existence of Mei Mei the Older and FAR More Sophisticated Cat Who Came First, Damn That Little Red-Haired Usurper.

And one of these days I'm going to get my cuticles and fingertips under control again. But. Evidently that day is slower in coming than I'd like. Bleh.

Pink tomorrow! ;-)


  1. hahahhaha, opening paragraph was freaking hilarious. Actually, the whole freaking post seriously amused me.

    gorgeous polish! and I can't wait to see you layer it.

    OMG, are our cats fraternal twins? haha I love red/beige/ginger kitties! oh, man that mini me toy is A+, but you need to chop its tail off. I find it funny that your cat kinda looks pissed, look at its ears, at the very least on alert lol. She's like "mom, quite looking at your damn nails and give me love" :P

  2. Oh, he's not mad -- but he's a bit aware that Mei Mei is sitting juuuust outside the frame, and they've been chasing each other all evening. *g* But really Bei Bei is the biggest love bug that ever, well, bugged. Sort of my miracle kid, who tried really hard to kick the bucket when he was a baby, more than once. I refused to let that happen, and now I'm stuck with the little guy.

    And YES! Why did I never think of shortening that mini-me tail??