Saturday, July 9, 2011

Well. Bleh.

Sorry for the brief hiatus; things somewhat busy and frantic this week around here.

I found out I'm having mail and packages stolen from my porch, among them a much-anticipated shipment of polishes from a dear friend. CUE SOBBING. No kidding.

So I rented a PO box, and took myself to Sally's last night for some retail cheer. One of the polishes that caught my eye was an unfamiliar brand -- Nina Ultra Pro -- in Molten Gold. (Molten Copper also, but I finally went with Gold since it had a tiny bit of pink duocolor in it.)

Erm. Not with so much of the liking. It's thick, maybe old, not sure, and for no reason I can determine it's -- ugh -- bubbly. The pink hardly shows, and not at all in the photos. Mostly it looks like a rather brassy gold.

I'm also using a new top coat, Out the Door, and I guess it's all right. But it doesn't go on as cleanly as Poshe. And man, I don't like the smell. I don't mind regular polish-smells, normally, but this one smells fairly foul. Works all right, I guess.

Possibly I should apologize for my cuticles yet again. But really: I hate this polish so much I'm going to blame everything on it instead. See what I did there? (ETA: Oh, that booboo on my index fingers looks just horrid. It doesn't hurt, and I'm surprised it looks like such a WOUND. Yeeeikes. Sorry about that!)

So. Feh. I got a new China Glaze that's very interesting, so I may change to that shortly. Green!

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  1. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you. Most of my Nina Pros I love like mad. None of them are thick or bubbly, though. It must have been old--or previously opened. Sorry!

    The best top coat I've found comes from Nubar, it's called Diamont. I haven't found it locally, but now that you won't have theft problems you could order it. I've retired my Seche Vite and my Poshe, and rather than use them I'm about to order a new bottle of Diamont. In fact, it comes in larger bottles. A friend just refills the small brush-capped bottle from the larger bottle.