Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, Pink Wednesday --

-- you snuck up on me. I'm just not feeling up to doing anything nail-related tonight, still sorta bleh-feeling, but I CAN say --

YAY!!!!! I got a delightful package from a friend, with six new-to-me OPIs inside! And she knows my taste and chose the most glorious colors. There's a fuchsia that I really, really wanted to do for Wednesday, but anyway -- oh man.

So I'm pretty much set for some time, because I still have about five polishes in addition to those that I haven't yet tried. And I'm really wanting to give stamping another try. I read some tips about scuffing the pad before picking up the polish, and I think that's the part I was missing.

Time for a visit from my new best friend, H. Codone. Hy for short. Y'all have a lovely evening and hopefully I'll be back on course for next week's Pink Wednesday.

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