Monday, July 11, 2011

Pink Week!

In honor of the *cough*five*cough* pink polishes I got this weekend, it's now Pink Week over here at NWR. \o/ I loves me some pink, I guess you could say. None of these are new polishes to anyone but me, but that's okay! Yay pink!

Tonight/tomorrow day is OPI Princesses Rule! And I LOVES ME IT. Sadly I missed the sunshine tonight, and my pics all came out somewhat-to-very blurry. I sharpened these as best I could, but nothing special.

All left hand tonight. I have come to the conclusion that I am insufficiently hardcore yet. Today was fiendishly busy at work, and I just tend to forget to apply any lotion or oil to my hands.

And...okay, I confess it. I have ripped my right hand nearly to shreds the past few days. That old miserable lateral nail fold. I'm far, FAR too embarrassed to show the world my right hand. Left is bad enough -- witness that poor index finger there -- but oh, the right is so bad.

So. Back to rehab. Problem is, I do much of the damage unconsciously, stranded on the phone at work, that sort of thing. Too late, I look down and YOWIE, poor fingers.

Wish me luck. I may purposefully blur my pics for the next week or so, so's to save your eyes from the horror.

In closing: PIIIIIIIIIINK. \o/

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