Thursday, July 21, 2011

First of the new haul

My friend has awesome taste, and picked out some colors I am just dying to try. First off is OPI Significant Other Color. It looks pale purple/metallic in the bottle, but my skin pulls the pink in shade. In the sun, though, holy cow, iridescent green shimmer! My camera had a small cerebrovascular incident trying to capture the green in the sun, but wowie.

I saw some commentary on this polish here and there that mentioned it being sheer. It is a bit sheer, but honestly? This is two coats, and I have only a tiny bit of VNL. Now, I like a bit of VNL so it's not problematic. But also I use Nailtek Foundation II base coat/ridge filler, which is a bit opaque, so that could explain why I got decent (IMO) coverage from two coats.

I really, REALLY like this. Indoors it does go a bit on the pinky/lavender side, which is very pretty. Again, not the easiest to capture for some reason.

And in the sun it really sings.

SO PRETTY! Anyone else tried this?

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