Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pink Week, Wednesday edition

This week's festival of daily pinks interrupted by yesterday's, well, this:

In the midst of a highly aggravating phone call to an insurance company at work yesterday, I went OW, and realized I'd just ripped the ever-loving bejebus out of my left thumb. That is to say, yes, the left thumb lateral nail fold. So I have a booboo. I put the bandaid on to keep myself from worrying at it.

In any case, I bared the horror to the world again today, and oh well. It is what it is.

Tonight's Pink Wednesday polish is OPI Play the Peonies. Which is, honestly, juuuuust baaaaaaarely pink at all. Any paler and it'd be white. I missed the evening sun again (what IS it about days getting shorter so FAST, so soon after the solstice? I realize it's probably my imagination, but MAN), and I'm not certain you can make out any pink at all. Nonetheless, erm, supposed to be mega-pale pink.

I really disliked this after the first coat. Ick. Wonky to apply, and sorta streaky. And then I did a second coat and some Poshe top coat, and now I fancy it pretty well.

I admired this polish a great deal when I was seeing it on others. I can't say I'm just nuts about it on myself, but I don't hate it. It's nice. I just wish it were REALLY sheer. I guess I'm weird, but I like some VNL. What I'd love to find is a very, very, very sheer milky green. Like jade for your fingers. Anyone know of such a thing? For some reason it just sounds yummy to me.

Now I shall take my whiter-shade-of-pink nails and crispy-fried tater-tot cuticles and go play Cityville. Y'all have a great evening.

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